Government and Youth Affairs.

The political policy regarding youth in Uzbekistan aims to address issues such as the quality of life, education, vocational training, ensuring their rights and freedoms, and promoting their aspirations. Several legal documents have been adopted to strengthen the legal foundations of the state policy on youth. The Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On the State Policy on Youth” was adopted on September 14, 2016, with the goal of consolidating the legal principles of the state policy regarding youth. In addition, presidential decrees and resolutions have been issued to enhance the effectiveness of the state policy on youth and support the activities of the Uzbekistan Youth Union.

To protect and promote the interests of youth in educational institutions, ensure the improvement of educational quality, and establish supervision of student activities, measures have been taken in accordance with the presidential decree “On Measures to Further Enhance the Effectiveness of the State Policy on Youth and Support the Activities of the Uzbekistan Youth Union” (PF-5106, July 5, 2017) and the resolution “On Complex Measures to Improve the Activities of the Uzbekistan Youth Union in Higher Education Institutions” (PQ-3138, July 18, 2017). Furthermore, the presidential decree “On the Establishment of the Agency for Youth Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan” (PQ-4768, June 30, 2020) and the resolution “On Approving the Concept for the Development of the State Policy on Youth in Uzbekistan until 2025” (No. 23, January 18, 2021) were adopted to further improve the activities of youth.

These legislative documents aim to fully protect the rights and interests of youth and support the establishment of initial organizations of the Uzbekistan Youth Union in all higher education institutions in the country. The activities of these initial organizations are coordinated with the relevant local councils of the Uzbekistan Youth Union and the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education.

The elections of youth leaders are held at the beginning of each academic year (in September). The leading bodies of the initial organizations are considered the governing bodies of the Uzbekistan Youth Union. General assemblies are held at least once every four months, where the youth council, faculty council, group leaders, and members of the Union participate.

The youth leader is included as a member in all councils and other commissions related to youth issues within the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education. The youth leader directly reports to the local council and the rector of the institution.

The initial organization is established with the initiative of at least five youth members who are interested in achieving the goals and objectives of the Uzbekistan Youth Union and is registered by the local councils. The initial organizations in educational institutions collaborate with the local councils of the Uzbekistan Youth Union in their respective regions.

In summary, the initial organizations in educational institutions play a crucial role in fulfilling the goals and objectives of the Uzbekistan Youth Union, and they are registered by the local councils of the Union. These initial organizations collaborate with the respective local councils of the Uzbekistan Youth Union where they are located.

Department of Youth Affairs and Spiritual and Educational Affairs 

The department organizes and supervises work with youth in faculties, student residences at the university, analyses and makes recommendations on work performed by deans of faculties, their deputy deans for work with youth and heads of departments regarding work with youth, spiritual and educational issues. To control the full implementation of the clause related to the “Master-Apprentice” field, to search for and identify talented students for the training of highly qualified personnel in production, to determine their determination, diligence and ability based on the application of the rating system, conducting appropriate questionnaires. Education in the spirit of loyalty to national and universal values, broadening their spiritual, aesthetic, moral outlook, organization of spiritual work aimed at protecting the thinking from the influence of various inhumane ideas, organization of work aimed at forming moral, aesthetic, political education among students, organizing conferences, roundtable discussions, meetings and work aimed at increasing legal culture based on national traditions and values 

Also, during the work of the department, to help improve the work done in order to improve the spiritual and physical development of students, to participate in the formation of priorities for spiritual, educational and educational work at the university, to develop relevant regulatory documents, measures and work plans It is the structural structure of the university, which participates in the improvement of spiritual and educational work in cooperation with city and district departments and foundations and public organizations operating in our country.

Students’ residence coordination department 

The department is responsible for the formation of personal collective folders by keeping records of documents related to students who are studying in the University in the form of full-time education and living in rented apartments based on a lease agreement, formalizing and monitoring the execution of relevant orders, the decisions of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated September 24, 2021 No. 605 study and registration of compliance with social criteria based on the requirements of the regulations listed in the appendix, providing relevant information about students whose applications have been satisfied and their list to the accounting department for making payments, analyzing information about students living on the basis of the right to rent, a part of the monthly rent paid from the State budget, summarizing statistical data and preparing reports based on social criteria increases.   

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