Greenhouse Gas Protocol

In recent years, the rapid development of the industrial sector has had a negative impact on the environment. Harmful gas released from large plants and factories, construction of large structures, artificial exploitation of green lands, unsorted disposal of household waste, gas such as carbon dioxide emitted from vehicles are causing the earth’s surface to become warmer than normal. 

The main factor in the change of such a climate in a negative direction is, of course, human activity. If the entire world community does not work together to solve this problem in a positive way, a major global crisis may occur in the future. 

The Greenhouse Protocol Initiative States, Governments, World Resources Institute -WRI in US, World Business Council for Sustainable Development, was established in 1998, and the goal of non-governmental non-profit reserves in 1998, while maintaining the purpose of this initiative The greater greenhouse gas (Greenhouse Gas (GGG) Protocol is a widespread and encouraging. 

Therefore, countries, large enterprises, public associations, and the above-mentioned international organizations are jointly developing their own national programs aimed at preventing climate change and reducing carbon emissions, carbon neutrality, and lowering the temperature of greenhouse gas, which are included in the 17 programs of the UN Sustainable Development Goals adopted in 2015

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