Health and Mental Caring at the National University of Uzbekistan

The Federation of Trade Unions of Uzbekistan – is a non-governmental, non-commercial public organization that includes trade unions representing employees, part-time and temporarily unemployed workers, students and schoolchildren, pensioners, other sections of the population with common interests in production and non-productive activities, and autonomous volunteers. The National University of Uzbekistan also has a trade union committee of this federation, which every year, restores the health of university professors and employees, supports their cultural and educational recreation, and provides material support and  organizes a number of good deeds to show. In particular, the Committee of the Trade Union of the National University of Uzbekistan named after Mirzo Ulugbek regularly provides a number of privileged vacations and passes for treatment with partner organizations in order to restore the physical and mental health of employees and students:

  •  In order to help university professors-teachers and employees to recover their health and rest, preferential tickets were allocated for leisures centers such as “Turon” and “Oktosh” located in the territory of our republic.
  • In the years of independence, the protection of children’s interests, protection of their health and the education of a mature generation became one of the priorities of our State’s policy. In our university, work in this regard has been systematically and widely undertaken, in particular, taking into account the active participation of professors and teachers working in June 2022 in spiritual, educational, scientific and public work, their children  received preferential passes to the “West Camp” children’s health resort in the village of Humson.
  •  It is also only right that material rewards should be given to the professors and teachers who have been working at our university for many years, who have made a major contribution to the development of the national idea, to the restoration of our spirituality, and the development of science, and to properly celebrate the jubilee youth. In particular, Mamadaliyev Abdugafur Teshabaevich, academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Uzbekistan, professor of the Faculty of Physics, was awarded by the management on the occasion of his 75th anniversary.

– In addition to material incentives, the university pays particular attention to the spiritual leisure of professors and students. On April 13, 2022, a one-day trip to the city of Samarkand was organized for 25 employees of the Faculty of Journalism and union activists.

The work listed above is one of the thousands of practical activities carried out by the university, and every year a large number of meritorious activities are carried out to restore the health of professors and teachers and provide them with material and moral support. Also, this work will be systematically continued.

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