Projects on Environmental Protection policy

The National University of Uzbekistan has developed a strategy to achieve carbon neutrality while preserving clean air, healthy life and green space, which is one of its core values. Sustainable climate policy includes the following practical directions of sustainable development goals: green space, clean energy, climate protection, transport, sustainable shopping, zero waste, food service, water conservation, health care, performance evaluation, health and prosperity:

Within the framework of sustainable climate strategy, on March 5, 2020, by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On issues of fundamental reform of the system of ecology and environmental protection in the Republic of Uzbekistan” the meeting was held on the basis of  paragraph 14 of the statement of the 19th (Training of personnel in the field of ecology and environmental protection), the faculty of “Ecology” was established as part of the university. The Faculty of Ecology is the youngest in the university and the unique one in Central Asia.

In addition, the Faculty of Hydrometeorology was established on the basis of the decision  (№ 4896, dated November 17,2020) of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On measures to further improve the activities of the Hydrometeorological Service of the Republic of Uzbekistan” and on the basis of the order of the rector of the National University of Uzbekistan № 01-265 dated June 17, 2021.

Current problems of hydrology, hydrometeorology, current issues meteorology including  ice melting and their monitoring, determining the low water cycle of rivers, formation of dangerous hydrological phenomena and methods of their early detection, hydrological regime of natural water bodies and their monitoring and preservation in the conditions of climate change are being conducted by professors and teachers.

Currently, the professors and teachers of the university, in cooperation with the staff of the Scientific Research Institute of Hydrometeorology, are working on “Development of a monitoring system for changes in the mass balance of mountain glaciers under conditions of global climate change and technologies describing the future state of glaciers”, “Study of the dynamics of the degradation process of glaciers in the mountain ranges of Uzbekistan based on remote sensing”, “Surface observations for the sustainable development of agriculture, water and energy resources, and solar radiation from geostationary meteorological satellites. comprehensive use of data”, “Evaluation of the impact of dams and climate change on water shortage and drought in arid and semi-arid river basins of Uzbekistan and India”, “Creation of photocatalytic coatings for cleaning water from organic pollutants based on metal oxides”, “Hydrogen production by photocatalytic splitting of water under the influence of sunlight: synthesis of nanostructured photocatalysts and theoretical and experimental research of their properties” are conducting scientific research work on topics related to climate protection.

In addition, the leading professors-scientists of the university will hold a seminar for students of special schools and lyceums specializing in environmental protection on the topic “Writing “Start-up” innovative and practical projects aimed at solving existing problems in the industrial enterprises of our Republic” and help to involve young people in the process of solving problems related to the climate crisis.

In order to attract more university students to environment and climate protection and to strengthen their professional skills, the rector of the university conducts open trainings.

 We hope that sustainable strategic policies aimed at climate protection will help to find timely solutions to the problems related to the environment, climate change and greenhouse gases that have arisen today.

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