At the National University of Uzbekistan, equal opportunities are created for everyone, and the educational process is established based on the rules of solidarity. This policy of the University is established by state law. Various departments have been established to help everyone regardless of religion, race, gender, social background and physical condition.

The National University of Uzbekistan is considered to be the university with the largest contingent in the republic, and the applications of employees and students are regularly accepted by all departments. In particular, in the following departments, the application of disabled people is accepted first:

Medical Department: Various medical services are provided to employees and students, especially those with disabilities and chronic illnesses (non-infectious cases).

Dormitories are allocated first to students with disabilities and then to students whose parents have disabilities.

Regarding ergonomic cases, the legal service of the university and the specialists of the trade union are addressed. Also, the department of civil and labor protection operates for problems arising in working conditions.

There are no routes for students who are hard of hearing, but the university sponsors special schools for deaf or hard of hearing children.

There are separate networks for receiving complaints from university staff and students, through which issues of inequality are investigated.

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