Sustainable Investment Policy of the National University of Uzbekistan

The National University of Uzbekistan is proud to contribute to the implementation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The University believes that the targeted integration of environmental, social and corporate governance issues into investment management processes and ownership practices can positively impact financial results.

Values of the National University of Uzbekistan

One of the main goals of the National University of Uzbekistan is to become a truly global university that benefits society. It relies on the principle of the academic freedom in teaching and research to achieve its goals.

The University’s approach to responsible investment helps to ensure that it fully fulfils its mission and upholds the universal values it has set for itself.

The University has always recognized that care for and commitment to society and the environment go hand in hand, and this responsibility is evident in its approach to sustainability through research, social governance, student life and experience, and the development, management and development of innovative projects.

Internal activity

In its internal environmental, social and governance policies, the University focuses on:

The University’s support for responsible investment is clear and underpins our stated values and mission. The University will consider the potential impact of the decisions on all of its activities and implement steps to implement its choices.

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