Youth Union and Council at the National University of Uzbekistan Initial structure of the organizational unit

More than twenty thousand students study at the National University of Uzbekistan. The university administration organizes various events such as initiatives, conferences, civic meetings, professional activities, competitions, forums, festivals, intellectual competitions, trips, seminars and trainings on issues related to youth life, activities, knowledge acquisition, health, and prosperous lifestyle.

The youth organization undertakes significant initiatives to enhance the creativity and productivity of young people in the fields of art and culture, sports and a healthy lifestyle, information technologies, promote reading culture among youth, empower girls, and engage active youth.

In accordance with the Resolution No. PQ-4768 dated June 30, 2020, by the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the system of the National University of Uzbekistan has established the Youth Council, which operates actively.

The Youth Council carries out its activities by promoting and implementing state policies related to youth, supporting youth in all aspects, ensuring their rights to learn about legal benefits and protections, representing the opinions and proposals of student and youth representatives engaged in activities at the university, organizing meaningful use of free time for students and young staff, and promoting sports among them.

The primary organization of the Youth Union of Uzbekistan, established at the National University of Uzbekistan, was approved by the election process. The head of the primary organization, Ulugbek Tokhtaev, began his activities in September 2021. The activities of the primary organizations are coordinated with the respective local councils of the Youth Union of Uzbekistan and the National University of Uzbekistan.

The head of the Youth Union and members of the council are also included as members of other commissions related to the councils and youth issues of the National University of Uzbekistan. The Youth Union directly reports to the local council of the Union and the rector of the National University of Uzbekistan.

The initial organizations, the head of the Youth Union, and the members of the council, in accordance with the interests and demands of the youth, inform the local and regional councils of the Union about the establishment of their organizations (clubs, centers, groups, circles, etc.) or the optional joining of existing organizations.

The initial organization carries out its activities in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, current legal documents, the Charter of the Youth Union of Uzbekistan, normative-legal documents related to the activities of the National University of Uzbekistan, and the Regulations.

The main objective of the initial organization is to assist in creating suitable conditions for the education and upbringing of youth in educational institutions, protecting the rights and interests of youth, and contributing to the comprehensive development of young personalities.

The initial tasks assigned to the youth organization are as follows:

To educate young people with love and loyalty to their homeland, instilling in them a sense of national independence, national values, religious harmony, interethnic harmony, and family values.

  • To educate youth about citizenship rights and responsibilities defined by the Constitution and laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and to help them understand the content and significance of democratic and legal reforms being implemented in the country.
  • To monitor and improve the issues related to the quality of education, academic performance, progress, and the use of textbooks and libraries of the youth of the National University of Uzbekistan, as well as to review and resolve youth appeals and assist in their resolution.
  • To facilitate the acquisition of in-depth knowledge, learning of foreign languages, and mastery of modern information and communication technologies by young people, as well as to organize activities aimed at directing them towards vocations and professions.
  • To carry out activities that contribute to the discovery, comprehensive support, and development of intellectual and creative abilities of talented young people through clubs and circles.
  • To support the creation of favorable conditions for inclusive education of youth with disabilities and special needs.
  • To facilitate the integration of youth who have been raised in dysfunctional and unhealthy family environments into society, as well as to ensure the regular provision of education to students attending classes and return them to the educational process, and to implement systematic measures to prevent early marriages among girls.
  • To implement legal and educational activities aimed at preventing youth crime and delinquency.
  • To promote reading culture among youth, increase their interest in books, and develop a culture of reading.
  • To develop immunological immunity among youth against harmful factors such as radical ideas, information leaks, religious extremism, missionary activities, and missionary organizations under the guise of “public culture.”
  • To organize visits of youth tourism among students of the National University of Uzbekistan to historical sites, holy places, museums, theaters, and events held during the independence period.
  • To promote sports among youth, especially girls, and create necessary conditions for their participation in various sports competitions by supporting their interest in sports and establishing the required conditions.
  • To organize events aimed at raising awareness of healthcare, especially the protection of youth from diseases.
  • To raise awareness among youth about ecology and environmental protection, promote sustainable use of natural resources, and enhance their ecological culture by supporting ecological initiatives.

The organizational structure of the initial organization includes:

  • Youth leader selection.
  • General assembly.
  • Youth council (youth leader, members of the youth council).
  • Faculty youth council.
  • Group leader.
  • Residence hall supervisor, labor team leader.
  • Subdivisions within the initial organization (clubs, circles, etc.).

The process of selecting a youth leader:

The election of the youth leader is conducted at the beginning of each academic year (September). The leading organization’s executive body is considered as the coordinating body. The general assembly is held once every four months. The general assembly includes the youth council, faculty council, group leaders, and members of the organization. The youth council is elected at the faculty level and operates at both the regional and national levels, conducting activities.

Candidates for the position of youth leader must be over 35 years old, have experience working with young people, possess leadership qualities, have organizational and teamwork skills, have knowledge and specific work experience in modern information and communication technologies, have a positive influence on youth education, have a clear understanding of the risks and dangers of harmful habits, have knowledge of ongoing reforms in the country’s youth policy and education system, and have a comprehensive understanding of the activities and regulations of the Youth Union.

The election of the youth leader is carried out based on the right to vote of Uzbekistan National University students and young staff members through a fair and direct voting process. The youth leader is elected among the students and young professors of Uzbekistan National University. Candidates for the position of youth leader submit their documents to the leadership of Uzbekistan National University until September 10th of each academic year. A period of 10 days (from September 11th to September 20th) is provided for the promotion of candidates. During this time, candidates introduce themselves to the voters with their programs. The election of the youth leader is conducted in an open and transparent manner. The campaign is launched one day before the election day. The elections are held on September 22nd or 23rd from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. The candidate who receives the highest number of votes in relation to the total number of votes is considered the elected youth leader.

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